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Human Systems Science with Children is a new study that is being used to develop ideas for use to improve policies and services that help to screen and assess a child for drug related disorders. The first step is to improve instruction to children suspected of being drug babies. Hence, the goal of human systems science is to study the child’s response, to practice learning how to teach.

The practice is to learn how to teach to the child’s brain.

Each act is to learn how to inform the brain, to instruct the body, and to fuse the senses.

The learning process is set up for a child to explore the brain, body and senses.

The business of child advocacy is a complex process that involves developing ways to engage political and government officials through community-based learning events; to influence public policy through cause related marketing to increase awareness; and to realize concerns for the eligibility status of children born to parents who abused drugs while in utero; and/or after their breath of life; leading to physical abuse, neglect, and/or abandonment. This is the new frontier in human systems science to improve the parenting, learning, teaching, and helping processes through child advocacy.

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